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Study Visa
Candidates who wish to study in various different countries be it Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, United States of America, UAE or Singapore would require a legitimate study visa to continue their studies. This student immigration process is made easier by the expert team of VWC as we offer topnotch study visa options across globe. In accordance to your aptitude, interest and the level of study you wish to pursue, you can apply for a suitable study visa.VWC’s expert team of consultants will help you realize your dream of pursuing your studies in abroad without any hassle. So, whether you wish to opt for courses in Business management, Accounting, Marketing, Travel and Tourism or any other field, we will help you get your study visas faster than you think. Though, there is no denial of the fact that good educational institutes have multiple requirements and the visa process for the respective country can also be very complex. But, you do not have to worry as we have got your back.VWC’s expert Team is well versed with the challenges faced by students who wish to study overseas. Our services are meticulously curated, keeping the needs of our students in mind. From the time you are considering which country to study in, till the time you are settled there, we will accompany you in every part of your overseas journey.

Tourist Visa
Planning a trip abroad? All excited but do not how to proceed with the Tourist Visa requisites? Whether you are planning a recreational trip abroad or a family trip to a different country, VWC will help you with all your Visa requirements and associated logistical requirements like Travel Insurance, Forex, and Ticketing etc. We have tied with some of the finest global agencies, and we will guide you to choose the best ones for your requirements.

We will make sure that you register correctly, fill the right forms, prepare the correct files and get your tourist visa seamlessly.

Corporate Trips
Traveling to a different country for business purposes? Want to attend a conference abroad or planning a long term business trip? Travel becomes extremely convenient when you have access to one of the country’s best Visa services firm. At VWC, our expert team intends to make your corporate travel experience stress-free, quick, and smart. From saving a lot of your time, to the ease of managing most of the things at one place, there various fantastic reasons of choosing VWC.

For us, customer client experience is very vital, and we make sure that we offer an incredible experience to our customer clients. Our expert’s dynamic approach to client satisfaction and the aim to fulfill all client requirements have made it one of the best visa consultants in the country.

Overseas School Trips
We offer first-rate ‘out of classroom’ learning experience in the shape of overseas school trips for students. Our aim is to make the process of travelling to a different country flawless. You would not have to worry about the high volume of students, as we have specially curated services which are aimed to make any school trip memorable, enjoyable, educational and stress-free.


When it comes to travelling abroad for studies, we need dedicated assistance or counselling to help us choose the best options. Travelling abroad requires a lot of effort, be it in terms of finances or research and only the right guidance can help a candidate pick only the best option.

VWC is aimed to offer incredible counselling services to the students in order to help them get more options, and then finally select the best one. Our experts stay in touch with the candidate, understand their interest and needs, and based on these factors provide utmost guidance.

College Admissions
With so many institutes across the world, it is certainly not an easy task to know which the best one is. Also, a candidate cannot simply rely on only one institute, therefore it is important to know all the options. Moreover, knowing the options is not enough, it is also important to understand the complete application process. This is where the role of our talented experts come into play. With years of experience, and great capabilities, our professionals help students make the right decision. Also, we stay with you throughout the college admission process to help you sail through without any hassle.

Work permits are generally required for foreign nationals who wish to enter Canada to work on a temporary basis. If you are currently residing in a country outside of Canada and wish to apply for a work permit, there are several mandatory documents that you must have ready for submission. Under Work Permit category, VWC processes “Spouse Open Work Permit” for their clients.


Spouse Open Work Permit

Your spouse/partner can apply for a work permit before or after they arrive in Canada. The work permit will usually be issued for the same length of time as your study permit. Your spouse/partner does not need a job offer to apply for a work permit.

In some cases, Canadian visa offices abroad will process spouse/partner work permit applications at the same time as study permit applications. In this case, you will need to include the additional fee for the work permit and complete the work permit application for your spouse/partner.

Most spouse/partners come to Canada as visitors first and apply for a work permit after they are in Canada.

Super Visa

Parent & Grandparent Super Visas allow eligible parents and grandparents to apply and enjoy visiting their family in Canada for up to two years without the need to renew status.  Citizenship and Immigration Canada (“CIC”) under this program may issue a multiple-entry visa valid for up to 10 years to eligible applicants to facilitate their back and forth travel between their home country and Canada.

To qualify, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada;
    be found admissible to Canada
  • have a written commitment of financial support from their child or grandchild in Canada who meets a certain economic threshold
  • prove that they have bought Canadian medical insurance coverage for at least one year and
  • complete an immigration medical examination.

Visa officers consider several factors before deciding if a person is admissible. The person must be a genuine visitor to Canada who will leave by choice at the end of the visit. Among the things that could be considered are:

  • the person’s ties to the home country
  • the purpose of the visit
  • the person’s family and financial situation
  • the overall economic and political stability of the home country and
  • an invitation from a Canadian host.

It is important to note that the super visa is still a temporary application.
If you hope to have your parent or grandparent stay in Canada permanently, you will need to submit a parental sponsorship application.

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