01 Jul

Things an Immigration Company checks in your student visa!


You invest a lot of energy in exploring about the course and college you need, and what your profession possibilities would resemble, which is something extraordinary. Research is essential. However, what else is significant is that while you proceed with your application and gone to a phase where you have an offer letter close by, what’s next? Simple – your student visa!

At the point when you document for your understudy visa, ensure that you leave no extension for botch, on the grounds that even a little carelessness can prompt visa refusal, putting your investigation abroad dream in risk.

Here are some most critical elements that decide your visa application:


  1. Validity of seeking student visa

Student visa is a transitory visa for you to look for passage into a nation to consider and acquire a degree. You need to show your authentic aim of going into a country with the end goal of value instruction and how that will increase the value of your vocation. A few nations survey the validity of your application dependent on archives that you have given, some may request a particular Statement of Purpose (SOP) for visa while some may direct a telephonic or face-to-face interview.

  1. Health checks are crucial

Most immigration companies ask you to undertake a medical examination prior to applying for a student visa. This is because many countries have their own health requirements which they want met with before they allow anyone to enter their territory. The type of health checks varies with respect to length of stay and destination country.

  1. Bonafide reports

Immigration Officer approach numerous sources to confirm the records you submit with your visa application. Any potential extortion can prompt visa refusals other than placing any future visa applications into high danger classification for different nations too.

  1. Subsidizing status

Every nation has a quite certain monetary prerequisite for conceding understudy visa and subsequently factors like wellspring of subsidizing, monetary supporters, satisfactory monetary establishments, and so forth, shift forcefully from one country to another. It is significant that you invest a decent measure of energy in understanding these particular necessities and begin dealing with your monetary records much prior to applying for your understudy visa.


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