01 Jul

Things you should know about spouse open work permit for Canada!


As an Indian national, you may be authorised to work in Canada. Did you know that you can apply for a spousal open work permit for your spouse to enable them to enter and work in Canada? Well, this can be made possible by the Spousal Open Work Permit Program which has family reunification as one of its major goals.

In this immigration program, your spouse can apply for and obtain an open work permit which enables them to work with any Canadian employer once they enter Canada. The spousal work permit also promotes cultural engagement for your spouse with the local society and allow them to obtain gainful employment.

You’re a spouse or family member of someone working or studying temporarily in Canada

You may be eligible for an open work permit if you’re:

  • a spouse of a skilled worker in an occupation under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill type 0, A or B approved to work in Canada six months or longer
  • a spouse of someone applying for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program in a job under NOC 0, A, B or C
  • a spouse of a foreign student at a public post-secondary school, such as a college or university or professional (CEGEP) in Quebec
  • a family member of a foreign representative, or
  • a family member of a foreign military member who is working in Canada

If your spouse has an open work permit (e.g. post-graduation work permit), you must attach a copy of your spouse’s work permit to your application for an open work permit, along with:

  • a letter from your spouse’s current employer that confirms they work there in a NOC 0, A or B occupation, or a copy of your spouse’s employment offer or contract, and
  • a copy of your spouse’s recent pay slips
  • Your permit will not be valid longer than your spouse’s work permit.

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