01 Jul

Why Canadian Student Visas Get Rejected?


Canada is quite possibly the most favoured examination objections for worldwide understudies. With top notch instruction, agreeable visa and migration controls and better life possibilities make it perhaps the most pursued investigation objections all around the world. As countless individuals apply for an understudy visa, it gets hard to get a visa. Because of its gigantic ubiquity, it follows a thorough visa measure. In this article, we will advise you regarding the reasons why the Canada Student Visa gets dismissed and how you can deal with keep away from that. To concentrate in Canada, most of outside nationals require an examination license. The issuance of study grants is supported at the tact of Canadian migration officials. Tragically, it is regular for an examination grant to be declined to an outside public for an assortment of reasons. If an examination grant is rejected, a visa official will give the refusal in a letter laying out the reason for refusal.

Reasons for Rejection of Canada Student Visa

  • Financial stability: The authorities may find that you are not financially sound and won’t be able to support yourself while studying in Canada. You need to show that you can arrange a sufficient amount of funds till the time you are staying there.
  • Academic performance: As you are applying for a Student Visa, you need to have adequate academic credits or score as mentioned by your educational institution and the Canadian government to get the visa approval.
  • Letter of acceptance: In order to apply for a valid study permit, you need to prove that you received a letter of acceptance from a registered Canadian educational institution. Apart from this, the candidate should also meet all the requirements for the program you applied.
  • IELTS or TOEFL Score:Whether you are going under the SDS program, PNP or SPP program, you need the minimum IELTS or TOEFL Score to prove language proficiency. The candidate needs to secure minimum IELTS or TOEFL Score as set under these programs for securing a student visa. Students should also know the SPP and non SPP visa requirements to study in Canada.
  • Failure to Leave the Country at the End of Your Studies: It’s important to remember that a student visa is only a temporary visa, which means that it has an expiration date. As such, a visa officer must trust that you will return to your country of residence by the end of your authorized stay. Previous travel history, family ties in Canada and your country of residence, and the purpose of your visit could all potentially cause a visa officer to suspect you may overstay your visa and reject your application. Other grounds for rejection include your immigration status in your country of residence, financial status, or previous history in Canada.
  • Change study program: If you choose study program doesn’t coordinate with your past instructive foundation or work experience then you can be addressed on this. For this situation, you ought to have the option to clarify why you are changing your field of study.


  • Insufficient archives: You can look at the rundown of records needed to get a Canadian Student Visa here. Make a point to convey every one of the significant archives at the hour of the visa meet, additionally convey the records succession savvy and plainly, thus, the official can go through them without any problem.


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