17 Apr

5 Myths About Planning Your Studies Through Education Consulting Services

Studying abroad is an amazing experience in itself. But we can’t deny that the application is an energy-draining process. Some wrong moves can make you doubt yourself. Meanwhile, only some experienced study visa consultants in Jammu can come to your rescue.

Still, certain myths surrounding education consulting services need to be debunked now, as the wrong message that keeps circulating around social media is directing students down the wrong path.

Just like the given below five myths on education consulting services, which you must know.

Myth 1: Education Consulting Will Decide Your University

It is one of the most common myths surrounding education consulting services. But the reality is that a certified education consultancy will not force you to get enrolled in any university just for their personal interest. However, they do recommend students choose the best option because it is their duty to guide them towards the best.

Myth 2: Consultation is very expensive.

It is another prevalent myth, but consultation was never expensive. Indeed, most centres provide free education consulting to students. However, only some generic information may be shared with the students in this consultation, but it is enough to answer their queries.

Myth 3: Consulting Services Have Partiality

A certified education consulting service provider believes in doing the best work and guiding more and more students to a good future. They will never show partiality. Instead, students are expected to stay confident and determined.

Myth 4: Anyone can apply for a visa! Why To Contact Them?

Not at all. Visa application and approval are as far apart as the gap between earth and sky. It doesn’t happen overnight. International authorities review applications with a naked eye, and even a small mistake can spill water on your years of efforts.

Myth 5: I got the visa! I don’t need them anymore.

Don’t spoil your game by saying that you don’t need them anymore. Some students receive a faster visa than others for multiple reasons. But the real journey starts after that. The international world is completely unknown to you yet. That’s why seeking expert advice is worthwhile.


Efforts in the entire VISA application process can sometimes take more time than expected. But just to mitigate every associated hassle, study visa consultants in Jammu are available. So stop following myths.

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