17 May

Canadian Study Visa- Your ultimate guide to the process

Today, it has become the dream of most Indian students to study in Canada for Canada is the land of excellent educational avenues and enormous work opportunities. Canada respects and values people who don’t shirk from working hard and will welcome them with open arms. It guarantees that your sheer hard work won’t go in vain and you will get your due credit. This is enough of a driving force for Indian students to want to immigrate to Canada. The desire to seek better education and employment at the earliest has caused millions of students waiting to move to Canada. 

Canada has an elaborate immigration process for student arrivals and it therefore becomes important to have an expert to guide the nitty-gritty of the process. It is where the role of immigration agencies/consultants come into play. There are zillions of sham agencies operating on the modus operandi of defrauding innocent and naïve students and their families who don’t know much of that foreign land and its procedures. To safeguard oneself from such frauds, students need to approach only reputed and trusted consultants.

Visa Winner Consultants (VWC) established in 2015 is one such reliable consultancy partner with finest reputation and goodwill. We are study visa consultants in Jammu and Chandigarh. We have been lauded as the best in the field by thousands of students who have successfully procured study visas under our guidance. VWC is registered under  the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Chandigarh bearing CIN No. U74900CH2015PTC035451 and is a Authorized / Approved Consultancy recognized by Chandigarh Police. 

What is a Study Visa?


A study visa also known as student visa , is a type of visa which allows individuals from foreign countries to reside in a particular country for the purpose of pursuing education. It grants permission to enter the country and stay there for the duration of the approved study program.

Process for Procurement of Canadian Study visa:

The procurement of a Canadian study visa by an Indian student involves various steps. The detailed process to help understand the requirements and procedures in listed below:

1.Research on Canadian Institutions:

The foremost step is to research and shortlist Canadian educational institutions and their programs you would like to apply for. The factors such as program suitability, tuition fee, location etc. are to be kept in mind.

2.Choose academic program:

After shortlisting the institutions, the next step is to select the specific academic programs you would like to pursue. This program should be aligned with your academic and career objectives. 

3.Check Eligibility:

The Canadian government has set certain specific requirements and eligibility criteria for international students. These are prerequisite academic qualifications, financial capability, language proficiency( typically in English and French) etc. Ensure that you fit into these eligibility criteria.

4.Admission Application:

Next step is to apply for admission in the shortlisted Canadian institutions. The application needs to be accompanied with academic certificates, recommendation letters, language proficiency proofs (score in IELTS or TOEFL) and a statement of purpose. The necessary application fee is also to be paid as listed by the institution.

5.Letter of Acceptance:

If the admission application is accepted, a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) will be issued by the institution. It confirms your admission to the institute and the specified program and is a very important document in the study visa application.

6.Documents collection:

The prerequisite documents for the visa application are to be gathered for submission to the Canadian Embassy. They include:

  • Valid Passport
  • Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from the Canadian institution
  • Application form of the admission
  • Financial support proof like bank statements, scholarship letters
  • Language Proficiency proof like IELTS or TOEFL score
  • Academic certificates
  • Medical reports (if asked for)
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Any other document required by Canadian Embassy

7.Study Visa Application:

The online study visa application is to be submitted on the official Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. The above listed documents need to be submitted online.

8.Study Visa Application fee:

The application fee for the study visa is to be submitted along with the documents and applications. The biometric fee (if applicable) is also to be submitted.

9.Biometric Enrollment:

You may also need to schedule an appointment for providing biometric information like fingerprints and photograph at a designated Visa Application Center. This requirement depends on the country of residence of the Study visa applicant. It is decided by the Canadian Embassy.

10.Study Visa Processing:

After the application submission, you need to wait for the processing of your study visa. Keep monitoring your online application status for the confirmation.

11.Receipt of Study Visa:

If the application is approved, a letter of introduction is issued confirming approval of study visa. Carefully review the details and validity dates on this letter as it will serve as a temporary visa allowing you to enter Canada.

12.Travelling to Canada:

With the Canadian study visa and complete travel documentation ready, you can now travel to Canada. Documents like passport, letter of introduction etc. should be handy.

13.Arrival In Canada:

Once you arrive in Canada, the study visa, passport and other required documents are to be presented to the Immigration Officer. 

14.Join the educational institution:

Join the institution you got admission in and maintain full-time status as a student. Keep complying with the conditions set by the institutions and the obligations set by the study visa.

The above procedure will give you an insight into the study visa process and smooth line your path of moving to Canada.


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