02 Aug

Temporary Foreign Worker Program: The Process

Canada has many visitors and workers, as it is a popular place for tourism and employment. As a result, the Canadian Government has developed a variety of visitor visas and work visas to meet the needs of visitors and workers.

An example of a work visa is the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), designed to provide temporary employment in Canada for foreign nationals. As part of this article, we will discuss the TFWP and how to apply for it.

Define the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Foreign workers seeking short-term employment in Canada can apply for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, which the Canadian Government created. Extending the TFWP is possible, which allows people to work in the country only for six months.

Foreign workers are allowed to work for only one employer during this time and are given a visa and work permit. It is okay for them to live in Canada, where their jobs are, and they must abide by Canadian laws. An extension of the work permit or return to the worker’s home country is possible when the work permit and visa are about to expire.

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TFWP Process

Identify the need for a foreign worker.

Identifying a need for a temporary foreign worker is the first step. To fill the job, the employer must not be able to find a Canadian.

Get an LMIA.

The employer must get a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) once they need a temporary foreign worker. LMIAs assess how hiring a foreign worker will affect the Canadian labor market.

Submit an offer of employment.

When the employer gets an LMIA, they must offer the foreign worker a job. The job offer must include everything about the job, like salary, benefits, and hours.

Get a work permit.

After that, they’ll need a work permit. It’s a document that lets foreign workers work in Canada.

Arrival in Canada.

Foreign workers can start working in Canada once their work permit is approved.

Requirements for employers

An employer must meet a few requirements before hiring a temporary foreign worker. Here’s what you need:

The employer must show they’ve tried to recruit a qualified Canadian.
Employers have to pay foreign workers the prevailing wage.
Employers have to provide housing and work conditions for foreign workers

Final words

Employers unable to fill their jobs with qualified Canadian workers can benefit greatly from the TFWP. The process and requirements should, however, be understood before you begin. Following the tips in this blog will make you more likely to succeed on the TFWP. Boost your TFWP by having expert advice from the top immigration consultants in Chandigarh– Visa Winner.

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