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Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Program

The Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Program is the Canadian government’s initiative for reunification of families. It allows Canadian citizens and permanent resident holders to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner to immigrate to Canada.

Key aspects of the program:

1. Eligibility:

The eligibility criteria for being a sponsor include:

(i). You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident holder

(ii). You must be at least 18 years old

(iii). You must be able to prove your ability to support your spouse or partner financially.

(iv). You must be able to fulfill the criteria to prove the genuineness of the relationship.


2.Types of Sponsorship:

There are two main sponsorship types namely,

(i). Inland sponsorship- It is for couple already in Canada.

(ii). Overseas sponsorship- It is for couples living outside of Canada

The requirements and process of the two are slightly different.


3.Application Process:

The application process requires sponsor and sponsored spouse, both to apply separately.

(i). Sponsorship- For being the sponsor, first you need to be eligible for it. You must apply to become a sponsor providing the required documents and meeting the eligibility criteria.

(ii). Sponsorship approved- Once you are approved to be a sponsor, the sponsored partner can proceed with their own application for permanent residence.



Various supporting documents are to be served with the application. These include:

(i). Marriage certificate or common-law partnership.

(ii). Shared financial responsibilities evidence.

(iii). Joint assets.

(iv). Photographs together.

(v). Communication history.

The documentation is to prove that the relationship is not solely for immigration purpose.


5.Financial Obligations:

The sponsor must commit to provide financial support to the spouse for a time period which is specified. It ensures that the sponsored partner will not become a liability on the Canadian government for social assistance.


6.Application processing:

The time for processing the application varies. There is a continuous effort to reduce delays and speed up the family reunification process.


7.Conditional Permanent Residence:

Conditional Permanent Residence is bestowed upon couples in certain circumstances to co-exist and form a genuine relationship for a period of two years from the day sponsored person gets permanent residency status.



The government places huge importance on the genuineness of the relationship. For this purpose, they conduct interviews of the couple to check the legitimacy of the relationship. They can also ask for additional information based on their requirements.


The Canadian government can introduce timely changes in the program and it’s important to be aware of it. For this purpose, consulting an immigration consultant is of great help. Visa Winner Consultants is the best immigration consultants in chandigarh for canada and provide professional advice when navigating through the Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Program.

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